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A few years ago. some multi-billion dollar corporation (I honestly forget which one.) decided that it would be better for their bottom line to “support” the queer community by publishing a bunch of pride-themed button artwork with various slogans, pronoun options and so on.

As far as corporate pride stuff it was not the worst: It was unbranded, it featured some of the less mainstream pronoun options and most of it looked pretty nice. But for the most part the slogans were weak-sauce to the point of meaninglessness (Like, just the word “Normalize”.) and, as leftist queer person, the watering down and commercialization of Pride has always rankled and so I decided to do what I do: Glitch it.

Taking corporate shit and repurposing it has always felt deliciously cyberpunk to me and doing it through a queer lense is even better.