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Glitchbot is an interactive Mastodon bot that tries to glitch any picture you send it.

This is, in a way, the project that started all this. I had experiemented with databending and other “manual” glitch methods before, but it was the idea of automating this and putting it into a bot for others to play around with that ultimately led to the project as it is now.

Glitchbot is written in Python and relies heavily on various open source projects, especially Ananas for the bot framework and Mastodon code, Tracery for the what little text it produces and of course a veritable Smörgåsbord of Python libraries like numpy, imageio, scikit-image.

(The glitchbot code is not open source, since it is a bit rubbish.)

The images in this gallery are a selection of the introduction images glitchbot posts every 12 hours, carefully selected by hurredly scrolling through the last week or so and saving those that I liked.