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Special "Suffering for Leiden" Sale & Commissions

For most of this year, my brain has been solidly in bookbinding mode, which is why I decided to visit the Bookbinding Fair in Leiden, Netherlands this November. It's one of the few hand-bookbinding focussed events still happening and I'm excited to go there, both to see what the vendors are bringing and, hopefully, no nework a bit with bookbinders and related craftspeople.

(It does look like there'll also be a meetup of users from the Fanbinding community there, which is very exciting and slightly scary.)

Also, first time in the Netherlands, wheeeee!

Alas, all that will visit a rip big Leiden-shaped hole into my bank account. While I can thankfully crash at the house of a former flatmate in the area (Which changed the cost of the trip from "Can't afford" to "Can barely afford".), between the costs of flights, food and so on, this will be a very expensive trip on a pretty tight budget for me.

To make that budget a bit less tight and maybe even be able to buy someof the fancy stuff at the fair itself, I've decided to finally enby up and put some more stuff up at my Ko-Fi Shop! Started with some older Glitchbook stuff, some unique experiments for now, but I'll add some more over the weekend. You can expect various A6-A5 softcover notebooks, some unique glitchart prints I made at the old CopyJob and also some newer handbound books.

Speaking of handbound books, I also decided, as an experiement, to open up some limited commission slots for custom-bound books. The commissions are probably prized a bit on the low side, but this is a sale so whatever, Now is your chance to get your custom-bound books on the cheap and help me out while doing so.

So check out my shop, check out my bookbinding gallery and if you see anything you like, feel free to throw some money at me, glob knows I need it. XD