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I have a website now!

This took ages, primarily because I really, really hate doing webstuff. If I could afford it, outsourcing everything to do with it, from webdev to writing copy, would be the first thing! Alas, I'm poor.

But still, now I have something to put in my business cards that is not some leftover domain from 15+ years ago when I thought about trying to build an Austrian indie rpg community. I intend to use this page as a repository for glitch art related stuff I do. It will almost certainly not be exhaustive, since I very much prefer shortform mastodon toots over longform blog posts, but it's a start.

Since the SSG I use here doesn't seem to do RSS for galleries (AFAICT), I'll try to do a blog post when I add something substantial.

Glitched Mutant Standard

I love the Mutant Standard emoji set and playing with it is a lot of fun. I've been meaning to make a set of stickers using some of the resulting designs, but since I couldn't sell them under the license it comes with, it's been on the backburner for a while. I keep meaning to talk to the creator about it, but since I don't actually have the budget to pay for any hypothetical commercial license, it's been moot so far.

Whatever, look at the cool glitchy emojis!

Glitch Pride

What is better than making glitch art? Making queer glitch art and stealing from some corporation while doing so! #BeGayDoCrimes

These images served as the basis for a series of buttons I made and gifted to friends and some strangers and I keep meaning to make some more. I really like my glitch pride stuff, especially the glitchy pronouns.

Tarot Glitches

As people who know me know, I love randomness in all its form: Procedural Generation, dice, cards, coin toss, it's all good. Combining the randomness of picking cards with the free association capabilities of the brain is what makes the (completely non-magical) magic of the Tarot happen and I really like it.

What makes these images so awesome is the basis in the classic Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, here in the non-colorized line-art version, and adding the glitchy æsthetic to it using code.

Longterm, I really hope to actually make a full tarot deck using this process sometime, but that's a lot of work and getting those printed is absurdly expensive.