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meta 0002

A small update for today:

  1. NEW GALLERY! Glitchbot, the project that kinda-sorta started this whole thing now has its own gallery with some of the example glitches the bog has done in the past that I really liked.
    TBH, I could probably write a whole bunch of posts about the bot, how it works and how it fits into the greater glitch(book) project, but that will have to wait for some other time.
  2. I added some more images I like to the Tarot and Pride galleries.

Coming soon-ish:

  1. I plan to open up my Ko-Fi shop in the near future, startin with both older remaining stock from half-assed Etsy experiment and some new mini-sticker sets.
  2. I have at least two more mostly-coherent subprojects I plan to put into galleries: One for my growing collection of glitched-to-complete-formlessness images, one for my foray into old-timey japanese woodcut porn. :3

So, stay tuned!